‘Portraits to a Life of Dedication’ Lanesborough Wing Exhibition Opened

09 December 2021
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Charity CEO Amerjit Chohan and St George’s Trust Chair Gillian Norton opened the new exhibition.

Following the positive reaction and success of the ‘Portraits to a Life of Dedication’ outdoor exhibition, a new gallery featuring 132 portraits is now on display on the ground floor of the Lanesborough Wing, as part of the Trust’s Thank You George’s season of reflection and gratitude.

The exceptional portraits were captured by photographer Derek ‘Del’ Francis, who works at St George’s as an Assistant Legal Services Manager.

‘Portraits to a Life of Dedication’ is a collection of portraits of St George’s Trust staff with title of the collection highlighting Del’s intention to pay tribute to the astonishing compassion, dedication and kindness of his colleagues working across St George’s and capturing this particular moment in time.

When asked about his personal favourite photo Del picked the portrait of registered nurse, Matilde Ferrari, he said:

“When Matilde walked into the studio she had a wonderful spirit of fun about her.

“When we were taking her portrait and I was looking through the viewfinder, I could not help but see the Mona Lisa staring back at me.

“Thank you Matilde for such a timeless image.”

Charity CEO Amerjit Chohan and St George’s Trust Chair Gillian Norton in the Lanesborough Wing

The exhibition, which was formally opened on Wednesday 1st December, was organised the Arts Team at the Charity in partnership with the Trust.

Amerjit said:

"It has been a real privilege to work with Del on this exhibition, and I know his passion for celebrating our staff won't stop here.

"The charity are proud to fund arts projects like this which help tell the stories behind the uniforms of our incredibly dedicated staff at St George's."

Gillian said:

“We’ve all seen Del’s remarkable portraits at the entrance to the hospital, which serve as a reminder to anyone visiting our site that St George’s is made up of such a range of brilliant and devoted individuals.

“It was fantastic to speak to Del about his work, which I think perfectly captures the spirit and feeling of the times we find ourselves in.”

Portraits to a Life of Dedication will be on display in the ground floor of Lanesborough Wing until March 2022. The gallery can also be viewed online here

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